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NESTLE 3in1 Latte Hazelnut (24gX20stick)/ Latte Mocha (31gX15stick)
Price RM12.99
Product SKU nescafelatte
Brand Nestle
Availability Out Of Stock

Nescaf Latte Hazelnut brings a unique new product truth Coffee without its harshness. The product aims to offer the non-coffee drinkers as well as to the youth to enjoy their preferred cup of latte with a delicious nutty flavor. 

What happens when creamy coffee meets a delicious chocolatey flavour?

You get NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha. Whether you want it as a go-to morning cup or something nice to make you feel like a warm hug, the NESCAFÉ Latte Mocha will definitely be the cherry on top.